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My first blog in a while.  I’ve been really busy with looming tax deadlines; stocking canned foods in my basement for “Tax Armageddon,” aka the “Fiscal Cliff;” and readying for a graduate oil and gas tax class that I am teaching this fall at the University of North Texas.  Also, I bought a summer home in Michigan since I last blogged.  Oh yes, I am also preparing for a piano recital in New York in November.

In my spare time, I prepared a white paper about tax planning for the rest of the year (and beyond).  It is on the HM&M website on our Thought Leadership page at  The “Bush Tax Cuts” enacted in 2001 and 2003 are set to expire at the end of 2012.  Whether they will be extended totally, in part, or not at all is unknown and may not be known until sometime in 2013.  The planning ideas in the paper are premised on a current tax-favorable environment and the expectation of a less tax-friendly environment in the future.  To access the white paper, click on this link:


The tax media are atwitter this morning about a case in the New York State Court of Appeals.  Nite Moves, euphemistically referred to as an “entertainment venue featuring female dancers,” is challenging New York State’s findings that the venue should have collected sales tax on admissions, but did not.  Nite Moves’ primary argument is that it qualifies for an exemption available to a place of amusement featuring dramatic or musical arts performances.  Dr. Judith Hanna, a cultural anthropologist, was an expert witness for Nite Moves. Her report found “that the presentations at Nite Moves [are] unequivocally choreographic performances.”  The attorneys for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club are asking for permission to present friend-of-the-court briefs.

I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried.  You have to admit that most people would find the Nite Moves case a little less boring than dissecting the depletion limitation rules under Section 613A of the Internal Revenue Code.


One thought on “2013 BRINGS TAX UNCERTAINTY – PLAN NOW and other news

  1. Hi Vance, So far your blog is the highlight of my day. How can you argue with the musical arts? Great clip from Audi. We met before in Aug 1990 on a deal to buy a Steel Roof Company. I will stop by and say hello sometime. Thanks for the light start to the day.


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