Accounting TV Shows – That’s What I Am Waiting For!

A while back, I commented in my blog about a rumored movie in the making that stars Ben Affleck as an accountant with a sideline business – hit man.  The movie doesn’t seem to have made it to the theaters (and may never).   There is just not enough good entertainment featuring the accounting profession.

Last week, the daily online accounting news outlet Accounting Today published “Accounting TV Shows We’d Like to See.”  Who wouldn’t be hooked on “Add Men,” a show about some loose-living Big Eight CPAs set in the 1960’s in Manhattan?  Wouldn’t you set the DVR to record “Bookkeeping Bad,” a series about an accounting teacher who turns to a life of crime – cooking the books for franchisee clients – to support his family?

Check out the other 10 suggestions at: http://www.accountingtoday.com/gallery/photos/accounting-tv-shows-wed-like-to-see-75153-1.html?start=2.



2 thoughts on “Accounting TV Shows – That’s What I Am Waiting For!

  1. Okay, maybe you need another mini-vay-kay-shon….very funny!! But as I sit here and drink my morning espresso, I’m thinking – “Three Men and a calculator”; “Red/Black Blood”; “Good-Will Accounting”


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